Widening the Circle – Joanna Shenk, Ed.

Widening the Circle - Joanna ShenksA Review of

Widening the Circle:
Experiments in Christian Discipleship
Edited by Joanna Shenk
Paperback: Herald Press, 2012.
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Reviewed By Alex Dye

I feel fortunate to have been in college during the time when Shane Claiborne and The Simple Way began to rise to popularity.  His writings, the movement, and a healthy dose of The Psalters (alternative Christian worship music and vagabond group) really expanded my understanding of the person of Christ, the call to discipleship, and the Christian vocation.  The idea of intentional communities pooling their money together and seeking to bring justice to inner city neighborhoods was new and exciting.  Of course, what I would come to realize soon enough that while these practices were exciting, they certainly weren’t new.  From the interracial work done at Koinonia Farm at Americus, Georgia, to the Reba Place community near Chicago, and even the Hutterites, a branch of the Anabaptist movement formed in the 1600’s who lived together and pooled their resources, Christian discipleship and intentional living, since the church in Acts, has dotted the timeline of Church History.

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