FOOD AND FAITH – Norman Wirzba

“A Deep and Abiding Communion”

A review of Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating.
by Norman Wirzba.

Review by Mary Bowling.

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At first glance, Food and Faith: a Theology of Eating might seem like the newest in the long and popular line of books for foodies, in which case the question would be “What now?”  Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin, end even Wendell Berry  have done an effective job of getting their point across, and have seemingly been able to foster in a growing percentage of the American population at least a recognition that the system that provides most of the country with food is flawed to the point of creating widespread disease instead of health in both people and places.  Anyone who would seek out yet another book related to the modern food and agriculture industry has likely already heard this information coming and going.  But as the subtitle suggests, Food and Faith is not really a food book for foodies. It is a theology book for Christians. Norman Wirzba is certainly sensible to agrarian thought and the works of many writers who would promote more healthful ways of living and eating, and has authored or edited several other related works. What he does here however is to take the subject of food and eating- a subject that many people feel strongly about, although maybe for somewhat vague reasons- and locate it firmly within the realm of the goodness of God’s creation.

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Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating.
Norman Wirzba.
Paperback: Cambridge UP, 2011.
Buy now: [ Amazon ]


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